BKB’s kid-focused programming strives to create strong kids equipped with:

confidence, diverse skill sets, and the will to try, fail and try

again. Through holistic, interactive learning, paired with STEAM

activities, BKB youth programs offer a fully engaging experience for kids and

parents alike!

Classes + Camps

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Kids Academy

Ages 5-12
2 Hours
After-school + Weekends


At Kids Academy we will focus on socializing and getting on the walls. Kids Academy can be booked for a single day or on a recurring basis. 1:5 instructor to climber ratio.

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Participants will climb throughout the facility, experiencing plenty of top-roping and bouldering, alongside our BKB Instructors. Climbers will have the opportunity to reach new heights and engage with peers in a fun, socially-distanced environment!

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Teen Academy

Ages 11-15+
2 Hours


Teen Academy provides a place for teens and tweens to experience climbing and our BKB Community. Teens will solve problems individually and as collaborative groups.

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Climbers will get consistent, educational instruction from BKB Team Members, have the opportunity to influence day-to-day group activities like climbing drills and technique lessons, and challenge themselves in a social, non-competitive atmosphere.


This program increases body awareness, climbing techniques, and terminology. It also helps teens improve their coordination and ability to sequence routes and problems.


Adventure Days

Ages 5-14
Full Day
Available on School Holidays


Through climbing, team-building exercises, and S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) activities, BKB Adventure Days will teach your kid how to be big-hearted, open-minded, and prepared for the world ahead.


Summer Adventures

Ages 5-14
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BKBeasts Overview


BKBeast Youth Teams provide a structured atmosphere for youth to develop as climbers. All Youth Teams are run via socially distant pods of five or less with the same coach running every practice. Camaraderie is paramount in our teams as climbing is a sport of individual performance strengthened by the surrounding community. With respect to our current times, we hope our teams will forge friendship, partnership and spirit.

Non-Competitive Teams

Ages + practice vary by team location

BKBeast 101

Welcome, young beasts. This is our entry level team. The 101 program is all about having fun while making friends and learning the foundations of climbing technique. 

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We use a combination of climbing games, and movement lessons as well as the slow introduction of some training elements to keep these BKBeasts excited and engaged while they grow as climbers. This program provides everything needed to get on the path to joining the competitive teams or a lifetime of recreational climbing.

BKBeasts Club Team

Love to climb? Join the club. Here, climbers will get the boost in focus and fitness they need to reach their goals and enjoy recreational climbing at whichever level they’d like to pursue.

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The focus of Club Team is an exploration of personal limits through creativity and climbing; pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones and into the land of innovation and growth through: goal setting, skill-building, camaraderie and personal commitment.

Competitive Teams

BKBeasts Jr. Competitive team

The Junior Competitive Team is reserved for climbers with a love for climbing and a desire to develop a higher level of climbing ability.

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The training program focuses not only on developing physical/mental strength, technical proficiency, and competition formats, but also on team building and having a blast together.

BKBeasts Competitive Team

The place where young athletes take their training to the next level. The training is focused on pushing climbers’ physical and technical climbing abilities further to achieve success at USAC Regional, Divisional, and National Championship competitions.

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These BKBeasts try out each year in the fall to earn a place on the competitive team.

Pricing + Schedules

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