Community Health

Community Health

12:07 pm by Annie Osenbaugh

Updated April 2022

Mask + Vaccination Info

Masks: Optional (Occasionally required for special events
Vaccination: Proof of at least one vaccination dose for all children ages 5+. Anyone ages 12+ will need to show proof of full vaccination.

Masks: Optional (Occasionally required for special events)
Vaccination: No regulations currently in place

Masks are available at each facility if you need/want one for your visit

What to Expect
If you are experiencing any flu or cold-like symptoms, please stay home until you’re well.

Credit Cards Only


If you do not already have a credit card on file, you can store your information upon your first visit for touchless transactions going forward. No cash accepted at this time.

Hand Sanitizing Stations


Our facilities are stocked with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for equipment. You’ll find stations throughout the facility.

Liquid Chalk


Liquid chalk (with at least 60% alcohol) has been found to be disinfecting and dispensers can be found throughout the climbing areas. Want to purchase your own? You can find a version with 80% alcohol in the retail sections of each facility.

Locker Rooms + Showers Open


You can also find open-air storage and lockers throughout the facility.

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