Community Health

Community Health

1:51 pm by Annie Osenbaugh

Our community is the most important part of BKB. That means keeping you healthy is our top priority. Below you’ll find the Community Health Standards we’ve put in place to do just that. If you are experiencing any flu or cold-like symptoms, please stay home and return when you are well. BKB reserves the right to change our screening processes as required by the CDC or local regulation.
Please Note

Already got the vaccine? We've updated our health screenings to include COVID-19 vaccination verification for those who have received it. In keeping with CDC and local recommendations, you may be approved for maskless climbing by showing your vaccination card. Please see below for effective dates for this change at your location.

Deep Cleaning
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Reservation System

We invite you to use our new registration system to plan your 90 minute visit in advance and help our community to continue to socially distance responsibly. While reservations will not be required, a reservation is the only way to guarantee access.

What to Expect

Contactless Check-In

If you have made a reservation online, or saved your credit card information on your account, your check-ins will be contactless. Members with BKB swipe cards can also enjoy a contactless check-in. Need a swipe card? Ask the front desk on your next visit—protective shields have also been installed at the front desk for your protection.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

To keep our hands germ-free, we have stocked our facilities with hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes for lockers and equipment. You’ll find the first sanitizing station located at the entrance, with additional stations throughout the facility.

Increased Cleaning

Facilities will operate on limited hours to allow more time for cleaning between days of operation.

Route, Floor + Flow Markings

To make it easy for all to abide by social distancing guidelines, you’ll find route, floor, and flow markings installed to indicate the appropriate places to climb and stand while maintaining 6 feet of distance between staff, guests, and members.

Hands Free Doors

To limit the number of surfaces staff, members and guests come in contact with, all doors throughout the space will be automated or propped open for hands-free entries and exits.

Limited Locker Room Use

You can find open-air storage and lockers throughout the facility, but locker rooms will be restricted to use for bathrooms and changing only.

Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk, made with at least 60% alcohol, has been found to be disinfecting and will be provided at no additional cost. If you would like to purchase your own, liquid chalk with 80% alcohol can be found in the retail sections of each facility. We’re currently not allowing loose chalk to be used in facilities.

How to Prepare

BYO Water + Gear

Water fountain access will be strictly limited. We encourage everyone to bring their own water or purchase a water bottle at the front desk.


Members and guests are encouraged to bring their own climbing shoes and harnesses but rentals are now available at all locations.

Credit Cards Only

To avoid passing germs through cash, we will only be accepting credit card payments. If you do not already have a credit card on file, you can store your information upon your first visit for touchless transactions going forward.

In Summary

Cash, loose chalk, maskless faces, bare feet, showers, saunas, group exercise classes, birthday parties.

Spread Love Not Germs:
Please no handshakes, high fives, hugs, fist bumps + interpersonal physical contact with our staff and others.

And please, as always, WASH YOUR HANDS.

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