Climbing Instruction

At BKB, we offer a variety of classes designed to improve your indoor rock climbing knowledge + skills to help you climb smarter and stronger.


Best for Beginners

Intro To Climbing

Learn to Climb ITC
Beginner – Intermediate

Learn the Ropes

Learn the basics of toproping + belaying to get on the wall during this 90 minute class.



$79 | Members: $39


What You’ll Learn

  • How to properly fit yourself in a harness

  • Tying correct knots

  • Managing the rope for another climber (known as belaying)

  • Basic climbing movements

  • Risk management


  • Day pass for the remainder of the day

  • Gear is included for both the class

Who Should Take It

Beginners who want basic rock climbing instruction, as well as anyone who needs to learn how to belay. Ages 14 and up.

Intermediate – Advanced

Learn to Lead

Comprehensive course on lead climbing for climbers looking to increase their knowledge and skill in this advanced climbing style.

2 Sessions over 2 weeks | 3 Hours per class



Varies by location. View in class schedule below.


What You’ll Learn

  • lead belaying
  • lead climbing
  • rope handling
  • risk management
  • and, of course, falling
taught by women, for women

Climb Like a Girl

Challenges participants to train as a team to support one another, progress, and build a stronger and more diverse climbing community.

8 sessions over 4 weeks | 2 hours per session


Varies by location. View in class schedule below.



What You’ll Learn

  • improved techniques
  • gain climbing power
  • improve endurance
  • how to cross-train


*Please Note: For non-members, full facility access is included for the duration of the course!

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