Why BKBeastmode?



Brooklyn Boulders’ BKBeastmode is a national, partner-based competition set out to uncover the people across all BKB facilities who have chosen to push the needle forward in becoming the most well-rounded humans possible. Challenging teams of two in feats of strength, power, mobility, climbing, and strategy, BKBeastmode aims to break fitness stereotypes, test physical potential, and inspire meaningful human connections.
Already known for its off-the-cuff yet demanding take on holistic fitness, BKBeastmode continues to grow as a premier event that blends community, climbing, art, culture, celebration, and more, in one unforgettable night.


Humans are social animals. With partners, we are able to develop bold strategies and consistent execution. We see their weaknesses as our strengths and we see their fortitude in our flaws.
We are able to climb harder. Think faster. Endure longer. We are stronger together.  


All ages and fitness abilities are welcome to participate. BKBeastmode is divided into three stages: Qualifiers, Semi-Finals, and Finals.
Qualifiers: Held at every BKB facility, participants of all ages and fitness abilities are invited to participate in six different challenges set to mimic elements one might encounter during Finals. Top three teams from local qualifiers — hailing from New York, Chicago, Boston, and Denver — will be invited to Semi-Finals.
Semi-Finals: The top three teams from local qualifiers will be invited to face unknown challenges that cover the gamut of climbing and fitness. From tests of mental agility to physical power output, teams of two will aim to qualify for the top four spots. They will be ready and willing to take on the final round only a few short hours later.
Finals:  Through tests of teamwork, communication, physical endurance, and mental agility, the top four teams will tap into their reserves to fight for the ultimate grand prize: $2500 cash and a five-day, all-inclusive trip to Hueco Tanks, Texas–a world-renowned outdoor rock climbing destination


You’re already a Beast. Sometimes it takes lighting a little competitive fire to unleash your human potential. While a smaller percentage of your facility will advance to Semi-finals and then Finals, BKBeastmode is truly about repping your facility with pride, supporting the BKB community, and celebrating your best self on another level.
The fear of the unknown is trumped by the curiosity of our capabilities, and our desire for social interaction is satiated by the bond formed with our training partners.

Weirdly able to marry the worlds of climbing, fitness, and community with art and entertainment, the beauty in the beast is the unwavering and unparalleled connection you feel with your community. As an event that is founded upon our primal, human instincts, BKBeastmode is an innovative, and always mesmerizing, showcase of camaraderie, mental agility, and physical strength. Where other avenues have fallen short in providing a platform for diversity, creativity, and climbing to collide, BKBeastmode thrives.