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BKB’s Trainers are enthusiastic, motivated individuals stoked to help you achieve your goals. Reach out to book a consultation with a trainer or for more info!


Andy Watt

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • NASM Certified
  • Founder and Co-Leader of November Project Chicago Fitness Movement, an outdoor group bodyweight fitness program serving groups of 20-100 people, twice a week, year round.
  • Graduate of SOMA Institute for Clinical Massage Therapy
  • Focus on Kinesiology and Biomechanical movement
  • Able to support the smallest achievements and work toward the biggest goals
  • Also experienced with kettlebells, running, powerlifting, strengthening, coordination, speed, climbing, endurance
  • Coaching style: listen, love, care, honest, supportive, inquisitive, focus, positivity, adjustments, execution
  • Worlds Best Cheerleader!

Classes: Monday Movement, Wednesday with Weights


Ruby Forseman

Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • Experienced in training adults in various modes of movement since 2005.
  • NASM, ACE, and AFSA certified personal trainer.
  • Experienced in traditional strength & conditioning modalities: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells & calisthenics; moving through phases of progressive overload.
  • Uses dynamic postural analysis as part of assessment.
  • Uses principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Anatomy in Motion to guide corrective measures.
  • Previously trained as a massage therapist and dance instructor
  • Strong base of anatomical & biomechanical knowledge.
  • Coaches all movements through the lens of biomechanical breathing
  • Also experienced with stick fighting, boxing, steel mace flow, and climbing
  • Provides guidance on habit formation, the neuroscience of learning and goal-setting
  • Coaching style: precise but patient, encouraging, body-geek, open to new methods, striving towards better, not perfection

Classes: Bootcamp, Climber Core


Adam Huber

Climbing Coach
  • Seven years of climbing experience, specializing in bouldering.
  • Coaching style: Holistic approach with a focus in movement reeducation to create intuitive climbers.
  • Trains strategies to ascend climbs with as little effort as possible through full body mechanization and coordination.
  • Prescribes off the wall work to improve range of motion, body awareness, breath control, and improve recovery for maintenance of a consistent practice.
  • Optimizes training with hangboards and the campus board, with an emphasis on safe technique.
  • Gamifies skills to create a sense of fun while solving problems
  • Extensive outdoor climbing experience with over 150 days on real rock and boulder ascents up to V7

Classes: Climber Power Hour


Erin Nakayama

Climbing Coach
  • Technical climber specializing in endurance and targeting
  • Interest in creating lifelong, joyful climbers and with building intrinsic motivation and investment in climbing and general health
  • Masters in Secondary Mathematics Education
  • Previous career as a high school math teacher has informed philosophy of building investment and trust as a foundation for creating space for learning

Classes: Climber Power Hour, Level Up


Adam Lawdan

Climbing Coach
  • Lead Certified Climbing Wall Instructor with the American Mountain Guide Association
  • Climbed 75+ outdoor single sport pitches on lead throughout the United States and Europe
  • Trains with an emphasis on outdoor sport climbing/bouldering & best practices regarding outdoor climbing standards and etiquette
  • Emphasis on injury prevention; maintaining thorough warm up/cool down routine
  • Movement-based practice informed by parkour and gymnastic background
  • Visualization and mindfulness techniques to develop a sound climbing mindset and manage stress on the wall
  • BONUS!!!! Off-wall cross-training in key stabilization muscles and balance via slack-line (the OG climber hobby)

Classes: Level Up, Learn the Ropes, Learn to Lead


Emma Nichols

Adult & Youth Climbing Coach
  • 10 years of climbing experience across all disciplines ranging from bouldering to ice climbing.
  • Lead Certified Climbing Wall Instructor with the American Mountain Guide Association
  • As a climber and performance musician, trains positive relationships to fear with interdisciplinary techniques to prioritize growth zones over comfort or panic zones.
  • Emphasis on improving climbers’ intuitive mobility and on-wall efficiency.
  • Expertise in static, balance-oriented slab climbing, specifically for sport routes.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of climbing gear; aids in transitions from indoor to outdoor climbing.
  • Guides climbers toward becoming more self-aware and self-motivated in their climbing practice.
  • Comprehensive warm-up routines and off-wall training for injury prevention.
  • Well-rounded approach to instruction as an experienced climbing coach for both youth and adults.

Classes: Family Intro to Climbing, Level Up, Learn the Ropes


Sal Decelles

Head Setter & Climbing Coach
  • 15 years climbing experience with a well rounded approach to all disciplines
  • As Head Route Setter for 7 years and route setter for 10 years, I’ve engineered and studied human movement on the wall to improve climbing strengths
  • Strong emphasis on understanding the technical, subtle details of body positioning, footwork and mental acuity.
  • Years of off the wall training experience aimed at well rounded strength and balance.
  • Major climbing discipline:Big wall traditional climbing but have worked all aspects of being well rounded.
  • Favorite Areas: Red Rock National Park, NV; Jackson Falls, Southern IL; Farley Ledges, MA
  • Outdoor Sport climbing achievements: 5.13a/b
  • Outdoor Bouldering achievements: V10

Private Coaching Rates

45-minute Personal Training Consultation: Free

First-time Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deal: 3 sessions for $199 (can only be purchased once)

Individual Sessions:
1-hour session: $99
1-hour session for 2 people: $135
1-hour session for 3 people: $160
Training Packs:
6-pack of sessions: $574 ($95.70/session)
12-pack of sessions: $1,088 ($90.70/session)
Monthly Automated Payment Plans:

For someone seeking consistent coaching at a lower cost and ease of booking. Each pack must be used within 30 days of purchase.


4-pack MAP: $364 ($91/session)
6-pack MAP: $534 ($89/session)
8-pack MAP: $688 ($86/session)