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Community Wellness Update: FAQ

Community Wellness Update


What's up with my membership?

We are updating our membership guidelines to reflect this unique circumstance, which will include waiving all fees while memberships are suspended.

We will honor all requests as quickly as possible and will automatically prorate March membership, converting all membership dues to future credits.

You can submit your membership request here

Can I suspend my Beginner to Badass until COVID-19 is contained?

Sure can! Once we’ve reopened, you can just shoot us a request here, and we’ll extend the expiration date on your Beginner to Badass package.

I have an annual membership, how will I be impacted?

Annual members will have the duration of the closure added to their end dates.
We will be happy to help answer any questions you may have. Please get in touch with us by visiting our support site here.

I have a scheduled class or event. What should I do?

If you don’t hear from us directly, please reach out with any questions you have via

My 10-Pack is going to expire, can it be extended?

Yes, we’ll be happy to work with you in extending your 10-Packs or 5-Packs. Once we’ve reopened, you can shoot us a request here, and we’ll extend your expiration date from there.

How are you notifying members of updates to the COVID-19 response?

We have created this FAQ page to answer questions about the effect of COVID-19 on our community and our response. We have also sent a memos to the community regarding our official COVID-19 response; please check your email! We will be sure to update the community regarding any further updates via email as they become available. If you’re not subscribed to our email newsletters and would like to receive updates, please click here.

Are you supporting your Team Members during this time? Can I do anything to help?

Due to closures resulting from COVID-19, our revenue potential vanished overnight. Today our only priority is to support our employees as much we can. We have already committed to paying 100% of health insurance premiums for employees for the duration of this crisis and are paying normal, scheduled wages through the end of March. Our continued ability to ensure the wellbeing of our staff will rely almost entirely on members like you.

Click here for more information on how you can help, or to connect with our team about updating your Membership status.

If you have a question or concern not addressed above, please contact

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