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If you’re looking to increase team cohesion to better reach company goals, try this one unconventional activity out of the office: rock climbing.

Climbing is a physically demanding sport and an incredible core workout, but the barrier to entry is low as there are plenty of easy routes for beginners and first-timers. At its core, climbing is an entrepreneurial sport because it encourages risk taking and planning paths unique to the individual body and situation, an excellent skill for any employee to have.

Most importantly, climbing creates an environment that can completely reinvigorate team dynamics and create better cohesion to reach your company goals.

Here are the benefits…


Mental Edge

Climbing goes beyond the physical. It demands complete focus and concentration, which will give your team members the mental edge needed to become more productive. The incredible sense of accomplishment that comes from completing a ‘problem’ on the wall translates to office performance with increased confidence to tackle real life problems.

Another benefit of climbing as a team is the problem-solving aspect. Each person who tackles a climbing route or problem will have to do so based upon their body type, which will encourage your team members to tackle issues with diverse perspectives.


Interdependence + Trust Building

When you learn to belay somebody else, you are managing ropes and are quite literally holding the other person’s life in your hands. Top-roping will inherently build trust amongst team members, which is essential to any working relationship.

The more a team trusts its members, the stronger it becomes and the higher the likelihood of successful outcomes.


Reaching a Common Goal

As climbing is an extremely communal sport, even group bouldering sessions can foster a sense of deep bonding. Unlike other sports, climbing encourages people to be competitive against themselves; to do the best of their ability, and to encourage others around them to do the same. Everyone is united behind the goal of reaching the top.

The next time you’re planning a team building session, skip the bars and raise the bar with a rock climbing session to empower your team to hit their goals.

Brooklyn Boulders offers private events and corporate team building sessions in our facilities, which offer group lessons, active co-working spaces outfitted with wifi and standing desks, complimentary yoga and fitness classes, conferences spaces and more. Book yours below.

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