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Brooklyn Boulders builds urban rock climbing facilities that foster community by merging fitness with art, co-working, and events.

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In The News

“Climber or not, Brooklyn Boulders (BKB) is our new go-to spot escape the winter weather.”

Off Metro, March 2019

Press Room brooklyn boulders

“People who work out alone give up the soonest. But a new trend—retro classes that turn fitness into competitive group games—is helping Americans play the pounds away and keep coming back for more.”

Wall Street Journal, January 2018

press room brooklyn boulders

“A Boom in Rock Climbing, Minus the Rocks”

New York Times, March 2017

press room brooklyn boulders

“On the walls: Harnessed climbers leaping from hold to hold. On the floor: Weight-lifting and yoga-classing exercisers. And mixed through it all: Tables full of laptop-tapping entrepreneurs and freelancers.”

Forbes, February 2017

ress Room brooklyn boulders

“Why Climbing May Be the Mind-Body Workout You’ve Been Looking For: After an hour, with my forearms aching and shaking, I realized it was one of the most fun, rewarding fitness experiences I’d experienced in a long time.”

Well + Good, July 2016

Press Room brooklyn boulders

“Climbing meccas like Brooklyn Boulders—with their cavernous, elegant surroundings, WiFi-enabled cafés and juice bars, and lots (and lots) of beautiful people—aren’t just fun as hell. They’ll get you seriously ripped.”

— Men’s Fitness, 2016

Press Room brooklyn boulders

Watch: “A few months ago, we showed you a video made by Brooklyn Boulders of the gym’s Augmented Reality rock climbing wall. A coder created a program that turned the ordinary wall into a real-life video game, where you could rack up points as you scaled up and across the vertical face…”

Wired, January 2016

Press Room brooklyn boulders

“Some people need music for a workout boost or a personal trainer urging them to work harder. Scott Gilroy finds motivation by pushing his limits with other people, whether it’s with a partner in yoga or a group of 600 people doing sprints.”

Wall Street Journal, May 2015

Press Room brooklyn boulders

“#1 in Cutting-Edge Coworking Spaces: If you’re the type of person who enjoys keeping active during the workday, then Brooklyn Boulders’ second location just outside Boston may be your dream come true.”

Coca-Cola, February 2014

Press Room brooklyn boulders

“Brooklyn Boulders Somerville is redefining the open office concept. Wouldn’t the workday be more fun if it occurred on top of a 22-foot-high climbing wall?”

Fast Company, January 2014

Press Room brooklyn boulders

Watch: “Best Workout in Brooklyn: As far as practice sites go, Brooklyn Boulders—a converted truck garage off Third Avenue in Gowanus—is exactly what you’d want from an out-of-Manhattan fitness experience.”

Vogue, November 2014

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