BKB Gowanus Renovations are Here!

Brooklyn Boulders Gowanus is celebrating it’s 12th birthday this year (in addition to the Brooklyn News building turning 102). It takes special consideration to make the necessary updates while maintaining what makes OG unique: the character, the grit, the art, and the formative experiences created in the space.

Based on the feedback received from OG members, we’re focusing on the following changes:

Phase 1

Now – 8.31.21

  • Updates to the exterior storefront
  • Update The Lair to be the dedicated enclosed fitness area
  • New seating and storage throughout the space
  • A new adjustable 18-foot long climbing wall 
  • A new adjustable X-Board training wall featuring ARCADE technology
  • Updates to the front desk

Phase 2

TBD – 2022

  • New lighting and interior finishes
  • Updates to the HVAC system
  • New exterior signage and interior art
  • New lockers room
  • New and expanded bouldering walls in the back half of the building including the Zig-Zag, Brown Wall, and The Beast

Check out the video below to see the renovations coming to BKB Gowanus. Video is for reference of renovations only and does not show the final product (don’t worry– we’re keeping the OG character!)