Introducing: the Windy City Gritty!


Get dirty. Get crimpy. Get gritty.

Brooklyn Boulders Chicago is proud to present a new, one-of-a-kind climbing competition to the city of Chicago. Inspired by the grit, heart and spirit of the city of Chicago, the Windy City Gritty is the first citizen’s competition of Chicago.
What does that mean? Essentially, that the Windy City Gritty is open to climbers and competitors of all skill levels. With men’s and women’s categories and four levels of competition, we’ve upped the stakes and increased competitors chances for winning big.
Throughout the next month, we’ll take you behind the scenes of the Windy City Gritty in our ongoing blog series, “Inside the Windy City Gritty.” We’ll meet the setters who’ll create the problems for the competition, discover the West Loop, the neighborhood in which Brooklyn Boulders Chicago is located and where the event takes place, and uncover some of Chicago’s more interesting street art.

Stay tuned for more stories and in the meantime, find out how you can compete in the Windy City Gritty!