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We offer a full range of group exercise disciplines from yoga to bootcamps, parkour and personal training. Each of our facilities has a variety of strength training and cardio equipment, with a schedule of group exercise, special workshops, fitness-focused events and competitions.

Group Exercise classes are included with a Day Pass and Membership. Members get additional discounts on Climbing Classes. Group Exercise classes are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted. Please arrive early to find a space in class. Yoga mats are available for rent at the front desk.



Intro to Climbing

Turn vertical dreaming into skillful doing. With a 1:6 maximum ratio, our small class setting will allow you to meet other new climbers while learning the essential foundations of bouldering and rope climbing techniques. You’ll get to the top of a climb, improve your basic climbing knowledge, and learn how to navigate the facility in no time. (Includes gear rental)

Learn the Ropes

Under the supervision of our experienced instructors, you’ll receive hands-on practice as you learn fundamental techniques and movements needed to scale most walls in our facility.  In addition to learning climbing movements and risk management, you’ll be taught how to properly fit yourself in a harness, tie knots correctly, and manage the rope for another climber (AKA “belaying”).  (Includes gear and a complimentary day pass to return for belay certification)

Learn to Lead

Learn to Lead is a comprehensive, in-depth lead climbing course designed for those ready to expand their knowledge and refine their skills. You’ll learn lead climbing skills and techniques like rope handling, risk management, how to lead belay, and how to fall. Before taking this course, climbers should already be comfortable with top rope belaying and climbing 5.9 routes consistently. (All required gear is provided for this class)

Level Up: V2- V3

Level Up V2-V3 is designed to help you break the barriers and plateaus that many beginner climbers experience. Connect with climbers of similar experience as you learn under the guidance of our expert instructors. With a 1:6 instructor-to-student ratio, there will be ample small group and partner-based activities. You’ll get two 90-minute classes in two consecutive weeks—allowing for incremental skill development and practical application. (This class is for climbers who are climbing V1 consistently and just breaking into V2.)


New (ish) to yoga? No problem. Our entry level yoga class will help you build a strong foundation of basic yoga poses. Together we will focus on breathwork, alignment, and internal heat to increase overall flexibility, strength, and mind-body connection.

(All levels welcome)


This is the perfect cross-training complement for those whose eyes are set on the vertical prize. Together we’ll flow from pose to pose while enhancing mobility, lower body strength, balance, and core. Challenge yourself—mentally and physically—as you breathe through a balanced practice of deep stretching and strengthening. We’ll provide the mats—just come with with an open mind.

(All levels welcome)


Intermediate yoga—designed for more experienced practitioners—brings an increased level of intensity that builds heat with progressions while moving into intermediate to advanced peak poses. In this class you can expect inversions, back bends, balancing poses, and more.


(High-Intensity Interval Training): For a total body crush out, join us for HIIT—and be prepared to sweat. This class features a diverse combination of body weight exercises in an interval format to enhance strength, build muscle, and increase cardio endurance. We’ll work through 30 minutes of intervals followed by 15 minutes of (much needed) stretching and core work.

(All levels welcome)


Expect a well-rounded hour of partner-based power in Bootcamp for Climbers. This high-energy circuit conditioning class uses a blend of body weight movements alongside climbing and fitness equipment. The class is divided into stations focused on strength, stability, agility, and cardio, with an emphasis on climber-specific movements.

(All levels welcome)


This mat-based class—geared specifically to the needs of a climber and anyone else looking to develop a monster core—strengthens your abs and back muscles for improved posture and performance (on and off the wall). Climber Core integrates concepts from pilates, yoga, and climbing into a circuit training program designed to help you build core endurance, stay healthy, and climb stronger.

(All levels welcome)

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