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At Brooklyn Boulders we offer a variety of classes designed to improve your climbing knowledge and skills.  At BKB, we can help you climb smarter and stronger.

All climbing classes are led by CWI Certified instructors who teach you climbing techniques, rope skills, knots, risk management, and other technical climbing skills. Our classes will engage your body and mind in problem solving, mental preparedness, strength, training, and more. Our team is qualified, experienced and trained to provide skills-based instruction to beginners or experts.

Fitness programming at Brooklyn Boulders is anything but conventional, utilizing a variety of training styles. We offer a full range of group exercise disciplines from yoga to bootcamps, and personal training. Each of our facilities has a variety of strength training and cardio equipment, with a schedule of group exercise, special workshops, fitness-focused events and competitions.

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60 minutes

Coaching in a small-group setting with a 1:6 maximum ratio during which you’ll meet new climbers, and receive expert advice on how to make tweaks and important corrections to your climbing technique. Includes gear.

You’ll Learn

  • How to improve your skills
  • Get to the top of a climb
  • Improve your basic climbing knowledge


Who Should Take It
All levels are welcome. Our team can customize instruction based on individual skill sets.

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Learn the Ropes

$49 Guests  |  $25 Members


120 minutes

Before you get on a wall, you’ll need to learn the basics. This package includes a complimentary day pass to return for belay certification. Includes gear.

You’ll Learn

  • How to properly fit yourself in a harness
  • Tie correct knots
  • Manage the rope for another climber (known as belaying)
  • Basic climbing movement
  • Risk management


Who Should Take It
Beginners who want basic rock climbing instruction, as well as anyone who needs to learn how to belay.

Suggested Next Class
Learn to Lead

$79 Guests  |  $40 Members


Climbing Shoes $7
Climbing Harness (ropes/belays) $7
Chalk $2
Full gear $12

Equipment can be rented at the front desk upon arrival.


2 Classes, 90 Minutes Each

Level Up V2-V3 will help you break the barriers and plateaus that many beginner climbers experience, and you’ll get to do it with other same-level climbers under the guidance of our expert instructors.

With a 1:6 instructor to student ratio, there will be ample small group and partner-based activities. You’ll get two 90-minute classes in two consecutive weeks — allowing for incremental skill development and practical application.

Who Should Take It
This class is designed for climbers that are climbing V1 consistently and just breaking into V2.

Suggested Next Class
Personal Coaching / BKB Expeditions

$129 Guests  |  $65 Members


2 Classes, 3 Hours Per Class

Learn to Lead is a comprehensive and in-depth course on lead climbing for those looking to increase their knowledge and refine their skills. All required gear is provided for this class.

You’ll Learn

  • Lead belaying and lead climbing skills and techniques
  • Rope handling
  • Risk management
  • Falling


Who Should Take It
Those who can climb 5.9 or harder and are ready to learn how to lead climb. Climbers are recommended to first take Intro to Climbing if they are not fully knowledgeable in basic climbing techniques.

Suggested Next Class
Ongoing Sessions and/or Personal Training

$149 Guests  |  $75 Members

Members receive a discount on all standard class rates, please purchase at Brooklyn Boulders.

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