Front Desk Mixtapes presents:
"Climbing AF" by Claire


If anyone at BKB Chicago knows music, it’s Claire. Her flawless taste is a reflection of her personal interests and years spent working in the music industry at local venues such as Concord Music Hall. If there’s a band you’re just discovering, she’s probably already heard them and booked them. Trust us, she knows her stuff. We’re super thrilled to have her here with us working on the Spec Ops staff and with marketing and events initiatives and we think you’ll love her mix. 

I like working at BKB because it is a space that inspires me, and every day is different.

You’ve worked in the music industry for a number of years. What was that experience like?

The music industry is super fast paced, so it taught me how to hustle. I had the opportunity to work with so many fun, hardworking and ambitious people I still call my best friends.
What was your favorite musician to work with in the past?

I booked a show with Stan of Santah in September and it was a very chill, low maintenance experience. It’s really important to support local music!! And it’s especially easy when they’re as talented as these guys (and girl) are.

There’s a lot of electronic music on your playlist. Why do you like listening to it?

I read this quote recently, “Art is how we decorate space and music is how we decorate time.” Basically my timeline would be filled with every genre imaginable, but I like to stay current. Electronic music is the future, technology has changed music from the production to distribution.

What music events are you looking forward to this spring and summer? Any concerts we should anticipate?

The hardest part about living in Chicago is choosing which shows to attend! Looking forward to Midwest fests like Pitchfork, Movement, and North Coast. And as always, expecting rad shows from local promoters like Silver Wrapper, 1833, and Them Flavors.

How long have you been working at BKB? Why do you like working here?
My first day was grand opening in December, which was insane in a good way. I like working at BKB because it is a space that inspires me, and every day is different.

Electronic music is the future

CLAIRE SAYS: My playlist is composed of songs that inspire me during a day or session of climbing. The start includes melodic, sample heavy beats to wake up and warm up to, followed by percussive bands to increase the psych. With genres ranging from funk to house, it features a mixture of timeless classics, rad remixes, and up and coming artists also on the ascent. Narrowing it down to 15 songs was difficult enough, but it was even tougher figuring out which Tycho song to pick. Hope you enjoy the result!

P.S. For what it’s worth, if the content was appropriate, Cocaine Blues by Escort would definitely be on the playlist.

“Mornin’” by Star Slinger
“Liquid Summer” by Diamond Messages
“IPlayYouListen” by ODESZA
“Tessellate” by alt-J
“Young Blood” by The Districts
“Fortune Days” by The Glitch Mob
“Let the Drummer Kick” by Citizen Cope
“On’n’On” by Justice (Video Village Remix)
“Gooey” by Glass Animals (Gilligan Moss Remix)
“10,000 Emerald Pools” by BORNS
“Imagination” by Gorgon City
“Espoir” by Darius
“Awake” by Tycho
“Welcome Home, Son” by Radical Face
“Tell Me Something Good” by Rufus