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BKB Crews

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Last year, we spent months surveying our community to identify how we can enhance the BKB experience and better support your life outside our walls.

Across the board, we received an overwhelming demand for an organized way to engage with other members that share common interests. And so, this winter, we embark on a new venture with our overarching brand mission in mind. The result is something we are calling BKB Crews. 

Truthfully, we’re not sure what BKB Crews will look like. Perhaps that’s the best part. What we do know is this: BKB Crews will be member-created, member-driven, and member-led. BKB is here to support. Check out our schedule of meet-ups and crews below.


New to Our Community?

Email to take part in BKBLife, an event designed to introduce new climbers to the sport.

Have an idea in mind? A passion that you’d like to see BKB support? Please complete the form below. We’ll be in touch soon.


...are member-created, member-driven, and member-led groups.

...connect BKB Members that share common interests.

Gowanus Crews

Brothers of Climbing: February 13 | 6 – 9PM

Queensbridge Crews

Book Club: Thursday, Feb 22  |  7 – 8:30PM

Conquer the Mud (OCR Training): Monday, Feb.5  |  7-8:30PM

Creative Club: Thursday, Feb. 1  |  7-9PM

Nerd Night: 1st + 3rd Wednesdays  |  7 – 10PM

Running: Saturday, January 27  |  10AM – 12 Noon

Launching Winter 2018: Creatives, Capoiera

Somerville Crews

Women’s Interests: Wednesdays | 6:30PM

OUT to Climb (LGBTQ): 3rd Wednesdays | 6:30PM

Launching Winter 2018: Adventure/ Expeditions, Volunteering

Chicago Crews

ROCK GRRL: Last Saturday of every month from 10AM- noon.

TRACK & FIELD: Team runs: Wednesdays at 7AM, Thursdays at 6PM. Total body runner conditioning on Saturdays from 8AM- 9AM.

HANG TIGHT: First Thursday of every month 6PM- 8PM | For entrepreneurs in any stage of their business cycle.

Register to learn more about Chicago crews here.

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