Climbing + Fitness

Climbing + Fitness

2:01 am by Annie Osenbaugh

Brooklyn Boulders was founded on bouldering—the essential movements, the try-hard spirit, and the community. Like our community, we have a wide range of interests, so beyond bouldering many of our indoor rock climbing gyms also offer lead climbing, auto-belays, top-roping, and climbing training.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Learn to Climb ITC

Climbing Classes

We offer classes designed to improve your climbing knowledge + skills to help you climb smarter and stronger. Learn the basics of bouldering in an Intro to Climbing Class or get on the wall with our Learn the Ropes Class.


Fitness Spaces

Every facility holds a dedicated off-the-wall training space. Equipment varies by location.

Private Coaching

At Brooklyn Boulders we’ve redefined the one-on-one training experience. Whether you’re a die-hard climber, beginner, or someone who prefers a purely fitness-focused approach, our unique team of certified trainers and climbing coaches will tailor a program that works for you.