Climbing + Fitness

Climbing + Fitness

2:01 am by Annie Osenbaugh

Brooklyn Boulders was founded on bouldering—the essential movements, the try-hard spirit, and the community. Like our community, we have a wide range of interests, so  beyond bouldering many of our gyms also offer lead climbing, auto-belays, top-roping, training for climbing, and climbing for training.


Training for Climbing

All our facilities include a focus on climbing training and have a variety of kilter boards, campus boards, hangboards and more. Additionally we offer private coaching to take your climbing skills to the next level.


Fitness Spaces

Every facility holds a dedicated off-the-wall training space. Equipment varies by location.

Private Coaching

At Brooklyn Boulders we’ve redefined the one-on-one training experience. Whether you’re a die-hard climber, beginner, or someone who prefers a purely fitness-focused approach, our unique team of certified trainers and climbing coaches will tailor a program that works for you.