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Your Feedback in Action

After receiving +1000 responses to our community survey, we are ready to put your feedback into action. Get ready for some huge improvements to BKB Somerville.

your feedback in action

The process was not quick and easy, and it was never supposed to be. Our team spent weeks organizing and analyzing each and every response to our community survey.

You had a whole lot to say, and we wanted to absorb all of it. Because the purpose of this survey was not to applaud ourselves, it was to pinpoint exactly where we are faltering, and what we need to do in order to deliver the experience you all deserve.

The result is a long term project we are calling Project Switzerland. Our entire team is focused on beautifying those areas of our facility you felt needed it most. Climbing areas, bathrooms, community areas, fitness areas, and more — our team is already at work to bring tangible improvements to each of these areas. More volumes, anyone?

We could not have done this without your tremendous response to our survey. Brooklyn Boulders Somerville was built for you, and we are dead set on keeping it that way.

Get the full scoop and a personal thank you from Charlie, our new General Manager, and Laura, our new Membership Manager.

P.S. Announcing our survey result winners: Daniel Rosen and Tina Glyptis. Expect to hear from us soon!

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