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Wind…. Rain… Flood = 24 Hours of Climbing!

The destruction of Hurricane Sandy may have crippled infrastructure, but in light of the damage it is bringing out the outstanding resiliency that is unique to New Yorkers. Be it 9/11 or a Frankinstorm there is no diminishing the vibrancy and straight defiance of the New Yorker spirit. Thus we are open twenty-four hours to celebrate what it is we all love about this city. If you are wet, need a place to come and de-compress, if all of the wind and flooding of the storm has made you feel like you need to climb something, then our doors are open.


We all have something we can give and it is important that we provide for our respective communities in any way we are capable in times such as these. We are so grateful for what our Brooklyn neighbors and our climbers have done for us; this is the least we can do for you.


We look forward to seeing you on the wall or on the slack-line at some outrageous hour. Come and Play!

-Jesse Levin

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