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#WhyBKB: Reason # 8

So That’s Reason #8 for Why BKB: Yoga & Fitness to Condition Your Muscles

Your membership takes good care of your body. Take advantage of our capoeira, yoga, pilates, acroyoga, and fitness classes.

Sure, we work your muscles. Our walls might turn your legs into pulp, and your body might feel like it resents you… but don’t worry. We got you and your muscles just the thing to make it up to each other:

Acroyoga, savasana, namaste. Stretch, breathe, and patient concentration sharpen your focus and loosen your muscles.

Flex your core. Training a strong center allows mastery of power and control both on and off the wall.

Fitness Workshops
From boxing yoga to movement analysis, we teach you techniques and ways to achieve your personal goals– whether in climbing or a fitness challenge.

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So That’s Reason #8¬†for Why BKB: Yoga & Fitness to Condition Your Muscles

WhyBKB? Rediscover WhyBKB this December: we’re offering some amazing seasonal deals to help you remember why Brooklyn Boulders is where you climb, exercise, and grow. Stay tuned for the countdown of reasons for WhyBKB?

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