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#WhyBKB: Reason #6

WhyBKB? Reason #6: We’re an expressive, creative community!

We’re an expressive, creative community.

The art of our walls and the incredible talent we find in our fellow climbers keeps us moving. We love it when Sarah flies on her aerial silks; when our members are talented and inspired by climbing; when we’re in awe of the detail and heart we find in Caleb’s “Brooklyn With Love” piece; and of course, we treasure the priceless graffiti art that decorates BKB.

For our BKB Kids and youth program, there’s more than climbing or ‘babysitting’: they created a killer “Watch Me Clip” music video, they painted a mural, and decorated holds for an art project.




So That’s Reason #6 for Why BKB: We express ourselves creatively!

WhyBKB? Rediscover WhyBKB this December: we’re offering some amazing seasonal deals to help you remember why Brooklyn Boulders is where you climb, exercise, and grow. Stay tuned for the countdown of reasons for WhyBKB?

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