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#WhyBKB? Reason #2

WhyBKB? Reason #2: Our Kickass Routesetting Team

Our kickass route setting team. 

They’re hard climbers. They’re beautiful artists. They’re the finest route setting team in Brooklyn.

Not only do they curate the patterns and textures of our walls, but they compose an exquisite symphony of coordination from anybody who steps up to pull plastic.

Thanks to Jeremy, Garrett, Oliver, Phil, Miles, Will, Alexi, and Georgia for the artful thought, talent, and discipline in their mastery of challenging us and inspiring us to push our limits (and still have fun!) every day.

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So That’s Reason #2 for Why BKB: Our kickass route setting team!

not to mention:

WhyBKB? Rediscover WhyBKB this December: we’re offering some amazing seasonal deals to help you remember why Brooklyn Boulders is where you climb, exercise, and grow. Stay tuned for the countdown of reasons for WhyBKB?

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