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#WhyBKB: Reason #10

This season, we’re helping you rediscover WhyBKB? Reason #10: Because ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can climb!

Brooklyn Boulders is proud to host a multi-generational and diverse skill set of awesome climbers.

“Each climber, including myself, has been able to face his or her fears…This shared experience is what creates the trust that comes with moments of deep unspoken joy and frustration because although we climb together and have supporters cheering us on, the last distance must be done alone.

The route doesn’t care what your gender is, sexuality, race, culture, status at work—it is there to make you face your purest self.”

— Andres Burgos for Rock & Ice Magazine

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We’ve got Adaptive Climbing Group— a team of climbers so determined and brave in reaching their potential.

We’ve got the gluten-challenged.

The smart, entrepreneurial and tech wizards of Startup Climbing are an integral part of our growing community.

We’ve convinced those possessing a fear of heights to join us on the wall.

Artists have been an inspiration to the creative expression and movement in our space from the start!

Kids absolutely love it!

Get a feel for our diversity, variety of skill sets, passions, and walks of life!
So that’s Reason #10: WhyBKB? Because ANYBODY and EVERYBODY can climb!



WhyBKB? Rediscover WhyBKB this December: we’re offering some amazing seasonal deals to help you remember why Brooklyn Boulders is where you climb, exercise, and grow. Stay tuned for the countdown of reasons for WhyBKB?

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