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Why You Should Climb

Climbing is a unique sport for people of all skills, ages, and backgrounds. Why should you climb? Find out why– these 7 reasons unfold motivation to start. Not convinced? Swing by for a climb!

1. Climbers are hot

There’s something undeniably sexy about a human scaling ancient rocks of ages. Wistful sighs all around.

climber girl

2. All seasons, all the time

Indoor or outdoor, rain or sunshine: climb on! Passionate climbers don’t have to operate on nature’s schedule: and between Brooklyn Boulders Brooklyn and Queensbridge, no one in NYC will need to.



Bouldering posse via

3. Make Some New Friends

The climbing community at BKB is inclusive of all backgrounds, ages, and passions. You might not believe that some 13 year old girl is giving you beta on this route you’ve been trying to solve for a week– but you’ll learn quickly that she’s every inch the beast you’re trying to be. Climbing is a great equalizer because people start from all ages.

Climber Paige Claassen
Paige Claassen climbing Boven, South Africa via

4. Focus

It’s surprising how irrelevant and banal anything on one’s Facebook feed can be when you’re struggling to stay on a wall 20 feet up in the air. The focus and perseverance required to unlock a problem’s puzzle will spill over into other areas of your life when you climb hard and long enough.

Adaptive Climber

5. Low Ego/ Your own pace

This is not Equinox. No one is here in fancy fashion exercise wear or trying to look meticulously put together as they’re dangling off the ropes: everyone climbs and boulders at their own pace. Climbers understand that you gotta start somewhere; there’s respect in falling and falling again, because that’s how you learn… outside of our instructional classes.

Girl babe rock climber
Don’t you want to date her? via Instagram @specialnothing

6. A great Tinder date or Tinder profile picture

While many deem their highly exposed or yellow-tinted bathroom selfie as a flattering glimpse of who they are as a person, climbing walls offer the texture and edge that mirrored medicine cabinets lack. Don’t forget to emphasize the glow of dewy sweat curling your hair into a dark shine as you master the next level…on top of that, climbing and having the determination to solve a problem and ascend a route grows your self confidence for any kind of date!




Augmentium, a 30/8a+/5.13c trad climb in Tasmania via
Augmentium, a 30/8a+/5.13c trad climb in Tasmania via

7. It’s not just a gym

You won’t get stuck at a treadmill, watching Scott Disick disrespect the Kardashians. You’ll never have to be embarrassed about how much you’re lifting, how long you run for, or how many reps you go through. Each problem is unique in how you can unlock the route, no matter your age or capability– and the more you climb, the more fun it is to solve problems.

Alex Honnold
Alex Honnold in a saucy pose

8. What’s Stopping You? 
NOTHING. Don’t ask why you should climb – but rather, why not. People of all ages and capabilities climb– you don’t need Alex Honnold’s body to climb or boulder. Swing by and try a climb!

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