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Why Choose BKB Adventures for Your Kids | Youth Programs at BKB

Read a personal message from our Queensbridge Youth Programs Manager and learn what sets Brooklyn Boulders’ Youth Programs apart! We’ve got summer programs and more!

Kids Academy at BKBQB

“Why choose BKB Adventures for your school days off?”

I get asked this question a lot by members of our community and first guest visitors. The answer is simple. It’s what BKB does best.

BKB Adventure Days are more than just a supplement to educational learnings that your child gets from school. It’s a true holistic experience that challenges not only their mind but their body as well. Most of our kids community keeps coming back because of the challenge, because they are nervous they might not get to the top, or might not succeed. They want to put their skills to the test just like us adults. With our instructors providing techniques and tips your child is introduced to the pursuit of rock climbing in the perfect environment. Coupled with STEAM style lessons peppered in throughout the day to give your child’s hands and body a rest we continue to develop them among their peers and friends alike. At BKB we welcome you to a youth community that wants you to be your best self however you see fit. We can help you get there, we’d love to have you join our Adventure Days.

-Griffin, Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge Youth Programs Manager.

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