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When the family comes to town…

Tis the season when the family comes to town. What to do?

Take advice from my friend Mike.

Now granted when he told me this he was talking about taking a woman on a date, not taking your parents out, but I think the main principles apply. He says his favorite date spot is… the comedy club! Why? Someone else makes her laugh so she leaves accidentally thinking you’re funny, there’s a two drink minimum so she’s happily tipsy but most likely not smashed, and all you had to do was sit there and smile.

Of course, I imagine most comedy shows start too late and have too many f-bombs to be ideal entertainment for the average parent. However, the Brooklyn Brewery Tour can offer you similar benefits and more.

Think about it. For about an hour, you walk around the Brewery learning about the beer making process while sipping delightful brews. Your parents are entertained, they’re learning things—they’re suddenly looking at your beer drinking habit as something scientific and full of culture as opposed to the reason you don’t have a girlfriend. And all you’ve had to do is drink beer.

After the tour you can hang around the tap room for more beers with the new friends your parents inevitably made, then take them for a stroll around Williamsburg so they can gawk at all the fashion, tattoos and asymmetrical haircuts. If you’re not that familiar with the hood, the Brewery website actually has a great map of stores, restaurants, and bars all within walking distance of the Brewery here (

You can get more tour details here ( and thank me later.


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