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What is Paleo?

Thinking Paleo? We’ve got the benefits and tips on how to be Paleo, plus a delicious collection of recipes for breakfast tomorrow.

Which diet is for you? As studies are usually publicized after the pique of trending diets, it’s a definite challenge to find what fits your lifestyle and your uniquely beautiful body.

Back when we inhabited caves, life wasn’t any more simple. The Paleo diet is based on pre-agricultural human sustenance: foraging and hunting. 


What is Paleo?

Short for “Paleolithic”, this diet is based on what we presume our cavemen ancestors ate– meats, nuts, and berries, before the advent of agricultural technology. A fundamental cornerstone of the Paleo lifestyle is the belief that this ancestral diet would prevent chronic disease, optimize health, and lose weight as being closer to ‘natural’.


PROS: Studies so far show that the Paleo diet trims the waist and lowers blood pressure, but nothing conclusive, including the Paleo effect on irritable bowel syndrome. The Paleo diet has several variations, however, that allow you to balance your diet more with scheduled ‘non-Paleo’ meals per week.

CONS: As a fairly new diet, studies are inconclusive about the long-term effects of the Paleo diet on different demographics. Young girls, for example, are suggested to avoid the diet due to the risk of osteoporosis later in life unless they balance nutrition with calcium supplements.


FOODS TO EAT: Meat, seafood, non-starchy vegetables, and high fiber

FOODS TO AVOID: Refined sugar, processed oils, dairy products, alcohol, caffeine, legumes, grains, salt, and New York City’s 99 cent pizza


I’m Gonna Make You My Perfect Paleo Breakfast:

Pre-breakfast post-wakeup snack: Sangria

Breakfast: Baked egg in avocado and sweet potato hash browns

Dessert: Peanut butter cups

Best After-Climb Snack: Prosciutto Wrapped- Asparagus

After-Nap Munchies: Nachos  followed by  dark chocolate bark + salted macadamia nuts
There ya go, cave-mate. Now it’s your turn to do the dishes.


Climbing is Paleo. We’ve got Paleo exercise to pair with your Paleo regimen: our 10 pack punch pass sale. 


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