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Volunteer with Adaptive Climbing Group!

Sign up to become an Adaptive Climbing Group volunteer lead today! Check out these sweet perks AND make a ton of friends. Apply by January 27th!

ACG Community Leads are great opportunities to volunteer for ACG with limited or no climbing experience necessary.

If you believe that everyone should have the opportunity to participate in a sport; if you like attending fun parties, events, and meeting kickass organizations, athletes, and brands, this could be your new jam.
Requirements include:
-A knack for socializing
-Resourcefully creative ( make up different ways to engage)
-Able to give a Volunteer commitment of at least 6-8  hours a month for a year
-Own a touch screen/media enabled phone
-Social media Saavy ( do it for the gram!)
– 6 hours a month minimum commitment
SUPER perks of becoming an ACG Community Lead?
Free membership to partner gyms and classes
Outdoor trips are free
Swag from pro-deals brand partners, and sponsors
So many friends, so little time.

ACG Kids Lead

Work with our community partners to formulate and guide your team of volunteers through fun/themes events for youths with disabilities ages 4-17.
Minimum required volunteer hours: 10 hours per month.

ACG Veterans

ACG has served veteran communities over the years. This past year we wrote new gym to crag programming, the first time for adaptive programming in the US and for Veterans only. We also host local VA Hospitals and organizations throughout the year, while keeping it affordable for those non-profits serving our nation’s heroes.
Minimum required volunteer hours: 8-10 per month

ACG Site Leads (Metro) 

ACG Site Leads are on the front line introducing climbing to first timers and nurturing existing climbers to redefine their limits. Each ACG site will have a group of Leads  that work as a team to keep the wheels turning in partner gyms facilties through its weekly climbing sessions. They also get to set the tone in planning special events and outdoor sessions throughout the year. Because site leads are so important we require you to have volunteered with Adaptive Climbing Group before.
Minimum volunteer hours per month on/offsite: 12 hours per month

ACG Site Leads(Satellite)

There’s big life outside of the big city! Let’s make sure that everyone knows it. In the past we have quarterly sessions in partner gyms outside of our sites. In it’s popularity we are making adaptive climbing available once a month from now on! Join the team!


What is adaptive climbing?


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