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Building Community with VIBEUP

vibeup, godfrey hotel, chicago
For our latest community event, we're welcoming the gang from VIBEUP for a three-day food, fitness, yoga and music social. In anticipation of the hybrid social, we took a look at the history of VIBEUP and what the BKB community can expect this weekend.

VIBEUP and Brooklyn Boulders are cut from the same cloth. At BKB, we believe in fostering vibrant environments of work and play to serve a creative, collaborative and inspired community. VIBEUP creates one-of-a-kind events that combine fitness activities with socializing. It makes sense then that we’d team up with VIBEUP for three nights of fitness, food, and fun.

From Thursday, February 26th through Saturday, February 28th, VIBEUP will “take over” part of BKB, with everything from group yoga sessions to live DJ sets to a massive amount of giveaways (Lululemon, anyone?). And of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a little climbing, too. “People can expect a very positive, infectious environment of happy and healthy people excited to meet and mingle in an abnormal social setting!” said Luke Jensen, a co-founder of VIBEUP.


vibeup, yoga, godfrey hotel, chicago
Participants from the first VIBEUP event at the Godfrey Hotel


Yoga and climbing might not seem like an obvious match, but the folks at VIBEUP recognize the value in bridging communities, something we value here at BKB. Where else can you build a presentation for work, get in a little bouldering, hop on a treadmill and take a yoga class to wind down?

After a successful, sold-out event at the Godfrey Hotel, VIBEUP is eager to keep expanding their hybrid fitness and social community, one event at a time. “We want people to feel the sense of community we’re striving to create,” began Jensen, “and be excited to come back to future events with their friends, both old and new.”


Tickets for VIBEUP at BKB are available here. 

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