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In the Training Room with Andrew Kim: Three Strength Exercises

How does Andrew Kim, V11 and 5.13C climber, find ways to continue building climbing strength?

Part of the trick lies in extracurricular training. While climbing in itself is great for technique and general strengthening, there are also ways off the wall to build focused strength. Here’s when the Climbing Training Room comes into play.

Isolation Training


Can’t quite pull off a mono front lever yet? Don’t jump into that maneuver half-heartedly, it’s a good way to injure yourself if you haven’t been training for it. Instead, build up to it with isolation training.

How to: With your feet on the ground, engage individual or multiple fingers on a hangboard and gently lean forward, controlling the amount of pressure you feel. Do this slowly and gently. Stop if something hurts. And don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground.

Roll Outs


Roll outs are a great way to build core strength and stabilizer muscles. Using olympic rings hung about 6 inches off the ground, get into a pushup motion. Begin with your knees resting on the ground (or on the pad we have in the training room).

How to: Okay, here’s the hard part. Begin in an upright pushup motion. Keep both arms extended beneath you while holding the rings and your hands shoulder-width apart. As you descend, push your arms outward in front of you so that you fully engage your core. Return to original pushup position and repeat.

Muscle Ups


Muscle-up technique takes practice to get right. Once achieved, this exercise helps build shoulder, back, wrist, hand, and core strength, by focusing on dynamic power movements. Muscle ups are good way to offset pull-ups and dips by looping the two into one kick-in-the-ass exercise.

How to: Begin beneath the rings in standing position, arms extended upward to grab each one. Turn your arms inward so your thumbs are towards you. Pull yourself upward strong with your wrists turning inward. Once you’ve gotten your body level with the rings, push your way up by  turning your wrists down and outward. Here’s a video to demonstrate.

Final Tip

Try the Beast maker app for guided hangboard workouts. Be warned, this app is designed for the more advanced climber. 

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