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Town Hall Meeting Notes 2.7.12

On 2.7.12 we hosted our very first Town Hall Meeting!
Check out the photos.
We were so happy to have the conversation with you guys,
and there was LOTS of relevant, quality discussion.
We’re looking forward the the second one later this year!


1st Town Hall Meeting Notes 2/7/2012


Opening Greeting from Lance, Co-owner of Brooklyn Boulders

  • We’ve been making lots of changes, as you all have noticed.
  • New mats and auto belays as examples of consistently reinvesting.
  • Yearly, we give away upwards of $300,000 to organizations and groups.
  • We will never be able to accomplish every single individual’s wants for our facility, but we are trying hard to fulfill all the realistic requests.
  • Who’d like to start with their questions?
  • Questions
  • 1.1.  Answers
  • Any chance of doing dry tooling classes for ice climbing?
  • 2.1.  It is too dangerous for our current facility, but we will definitely look into the possibility for our upcoming venues.
  • Then how about a small wooden wall to practice ice-climbing technique?
  • 3.1.  Please help us design the perfect setup for an exclusive ice-climbing space in our new facility. We’ll let you know as soon as we’re ready to design!
  • Can you guys track your patron numbers in real time on the site so we know when BKB’s too busy?
  • 4.1.  There are privacy issues when running live streams over the net, but we will look into the legality of possibly launching it.
  • 4.2.  Also be aware that rush hour can be anticipated from 6:00PM-9:30PM weekdays and 11:00AM-8:00PM on weekends. We are working to mitigate the intensity of our rush hours with offerings during non-peak times.
  • I learned how to climb at BKB, and I went outside only to find that I had to “freestyle” when figuring out how to climb a crack. Can you offer that, maybe in your new facility?
  • 5.1.  This is something that can definitely be taken into consideration when designing the terrain in our new facilities. Thanks for the suggestion!
  • It’s so dangerous when kids are running around.
  • 6.1.  We will remind our staff to be ultra vigilant. We are launching a “BKB Intro to Indoor Climbing” videos that will be required to watch for newcomers, they’ll be on our digital presences, and they will showcase all the etiquette for spatial awareness necessary.
  • 6.2.  If members ever want to help out or chime in, then PLEASE DO!
  • I am disappointed by the lack of communication regarding all the membership changes, which were rolled out on New Years.
  • 7.1.  We know that there was a gap in our communication about these changes, but through our in-house announcement corkboards (6 throughout the gym) and our newsletter (subscribe via we attempt to disseminate all the appropriate information.
  • 7.2.  You can still freeze your monthly memberships (more info via Members who had any of the EFT structures that are now discontinued are grandfathered into those prices.
  • 7.3.  You can still bring in one guest per month as a member, or two guests per month with annual memberships. There are also a few other membership perks (more info via
  • Why’d you take away the off-peak offerings?
  • 8.1.  In addition to simplifying our product offering, we felt as though we were offering a much higher value for less money. Example: you work nights and your schedule affords for you to come in during the emptiest times. That was our thought process.
  • 8.2.  Please email for ANYTHING.
  • I’ve been using my Punch Pass for guests instead of my monthly guest pass that I previously knew nothing about. What should I do?
  • 9.1.  If this is the case for anybody, email
  • What is the maximum capacity for the gym?
  • 10.1.               We have a number of opportunities we’re pursuing. As soon as we are ready to announce a new facility, we’ll let you know.
  • Really early hours please, like open at 6AM?
  • 11.1.               “Show of hands?” More than 2/3’s of the people voted yes.
  • 11.2.               We will look into amping up our staffing to see if we can. Great idea. We’ll keep you posted.
  • Outdoor climbing adventures? Training outside of the gym?
  • 12.1.               We are looking for partners to provide our community with outdoor excursion opportunities!
  • 12.2.               Rocco Bocchicchio, Head Instructor & Curriculum Director, joined our team in the Fall for coaching kids and adults, as well as heading up a climbing resort ( He and our COO, Gavin Heverly, are putting together a very robust plan for offering everything you need to become an expert. We are hoping it’ll be ready for launch on April 1st, but we’ll keep you posted.
  • If you are pushing people up to the Gunks, how will you prepare them?
  • 13.1.               That is an extremely relevant question, and is in discussion right now. How do we educate individuals with proper outdoor climbing etiquette and general respect for nature? We are currently and will continue to partner with Access Fund ( In the coming year we will be ramping up partnerships of this kind and are looking to increase donations. We will also be including outdoor etiquette in the majority of our classes.
  • Volunteer hours?
  • 14.1.               We’re looking into setting up a street team for event marketing for people to swap hours for membership. Also trying to figure out how to accommodate people willing to help at BKB. Brainstorming.
  • Conditioning for non-climbing activities?
  • 15.1.               We are investigating the feasibility of including cardio, weights, flexibility, nutrition, etc. and should be notifying our community within the next months.
  • More chalk eaters?
  • 16.1.               We installed the air-pears (bug-zapper-looking contraptions) that circulate and ionize the air.
  • I’m injury prone and would’ve loved instructions for “how do I not tear things?” when I started.
  • 17.1.               The “BKB Intro to Indoor Climbing” videos, BKB Fit, and our new class offerings that are coming down the pipeline will definitely help.
  • Pro Shop should have resoling service and a smoothie stand.
  • 18.1.               Resoling is toxic, so please send them to the appropriate fixer-uppers.
  • 18.2.               Juice Haven just opened up on 3rd and Union, two blocks away! We’re in conversation to get you guys a BKB discount and will keep you posted.
  • 18.3.               In case you didn’t know, we price match other NYC retailers in our Pro Shop.
  • The water fountain is broken!!!
  • 19.1.               We had people come in today, but they weren’t able to fix it, so we’re scoping out other options to replace it.
  • 19.2.               Another water solution is to use the water spicket by the bike racks!



ask us on Facebook or put a note in our
suggestion/question box at the front of the gym.

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