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Summer Guide | Things To Do In Gowanus

Cool places to go & fun things to do before and after your climb at BKB

Summer craze has the days and sunlight slipping through our chalk-white fingers! Make the most of the season with this guide to things to do in Gowanus, Brooklyn:

mr sunday

MisterSaturday + Mister Sunday Parties

Dancing? Food? Good lookin’ folks? Check, check, check. Mister Saturday is an upbeat Saturday night dance party; Mister Sunday is a beautiful daytime event or families and friends to chill and have a good time.

Gotham Archery

Gotham Archery

If rock climbing doesn’t make you edgy enough, there’s always shooting things with a bow and arrow.


Brooklyn Fencing

Fancy, cultured, dance the warrior dance. En guard!


Swan Dive

An outdoor pop-up summer garden and bar serving BBQ by Pig Beach.

morbid anatomy

Morbid Anatomy Museum

Get dark and explore the other side of life. The museum often hosts lectures on a variety of topics, from “Psychedelics and Death” to taxidermy classes.

bell house

The Bellhouse

A venue hosting a variety of awesome events like  the Tape Festival, a celebration of public radio, or Criminal, a podcast show about crime and mystery.

gowanus canoe

Canoe The Gowanus Canal

Don’t be scared, get in the water and start paddling!


Industry City

A new exciting development project, Industry City has a future in coworking and creative spaces. As the new space for Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, this huge complex is a great location for cool, pop up events or art shows.


Grab some productive hours in between climbs– complete with a kitchen, wifi, business center and equipment.

little field

Little Field

A performance art space with cool artistic & inspirational events. This Friday June 10 they’re hosting Brooklyn’s hip hop festival.

Get to know the neighborhood when you swing by for a climb! If you’re a member, check out the free yoga and discounted fitness workshops. Otherwise, grab a day pass and see you on the wall!

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