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The Pro-Climber Diet: Ashima Shiraishi & Phillip Schaal

What do pro-climbers eat? How do they stay fueled? We ask two very different Brooklyn Boulders climbers – seasoned climber Phillip Schaal and kid crusher Ashima Shiraishi. Here are their two contrasting week-long food diaries.

Ashima Shiraishi & Philli Schaal share their food diaries for a week.

The Route Setter

9:33 AM: Two cups of coffee.
7:32 PM: A sandwich I made at the deli near BKBChicago. Pretzel bun with extra mayo on the side.

3:00 AM: Monday’s late night dinner: a fish taco burrito.
10:41 AM: Two cups of coffee.
11:35 AM: A few pieces of chocolate.
2:01 PM: One bowl of miso soup.
8:37 PM: Ramen and a beer.

1:17 AM: Late night snack – two cinnamon muffins, a piece of biscotti and bread topped with walnuts and powdered sugar.
10:08 AM: One cup of coffee.
1:55 PM: A glass bottle of Coca-Cola.
7:47 PM: A burger with tomato, arugula, cheese and fries. Extra mayo on the side.

9:08 AM: Two cups of coffee.
1:05 PM: One tuna sandwich.
7:43 PM: A burger with pulled pork & french fries.

10:45 AM: Two cups of, you guessed it, coffee. And an almond croissant.
1:04 PM: Deep dish pizza for lunch.
7:32 PM: Snacked on a bag of peanuts and a Pabst Blue Ribbon.
10:30 PM: Nachos sliders tater tots.

11:08 AM: Two cups of coffee and two ham & cheese croissants.
8:32 PM: A tamale and Pabst Blue Ribbon.
12:43 AM: Late night snack –  two donuts from Glazed & Confused.

7:40 PM: A bowl of ramen and two pork buns.
8:35 PM: Two doughnuts.
10:18 PM: A small pizza and two cookies.


Ashima Shiraishi
The Kid Crusher

6:35am: Toast with butter & a cup of milk.
10:10am: Half of a croissant.
12:35pm: Spicy pasta & mushrooms.
8:00pm: Sukiyaki (a Japanese dish).

6:30am: A piece of toast and warm milk.
10:00am: Half of a pumpkin muffin.
1:00pm : A bagel with cream cheese.
8:30pm: Curry and rice.

6:35am: A piece of toast with butter.
12:20pm: Rice with beans.
6:30pm: A Clif Bar.
8:30pm: Gyoza and rice.


Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.37.05 PMThursday
6:35am: A piece of toast with butter & a glass of OJ.
10:00am: Half of a muffin.
11:30am: Rice with chickpeas and sausage.
6:30pm: A blueberry muffin.
9:30pm: Ebi fry (deep fried shrimp) & rice.
10:00pm: Homework fueling cookies 😉


6:35am: A piece of toast with butter.
1:00pm: A burrito and a yogurt.
5:38pm: A Clif Bar.
9:00pm: Cooked salmon with salad and rice.

8:50am: A bowl of rice and mini sausages.Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 2.38.52 PM
1:30pm: A Sierra Trail Mix Clif Bar.
7:20pm: Burrito (from Chipotle).








12:00pm: Two pieces of  toast with butter.
2:00pm:  Fried rice and a cup of green tea.
9:40pm: Waffles with whipped cream & strawberries.
10:30pm: Hamburg (not a burger) and rice.


To summarize Phil: coffee. Ashima: muffins.
Which diet is more like yours? What kind of food do you eat to keep you fueled for climbing? Show us your climbing fuel on Instagram and tag #bkblove.


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