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The Perfect Afternoon/Evening in The Mission, San Fran

Words and Pictures by Casey Scieszka & Steven Weinberg

We used to live there. So just trust us. Here’s what you do:

Stop 1: Café Gratitude.
Get all the SF healthy hippie crap over with right from the get-go. Yes, this place is over the top and everything on the menu is actually an affirmation (as in the quinoa bowl is called the “I Am Whole” and when you order you have to tell the server that you are, in fact, whole.) But it’s delicious, healthy and filling.

Stop 2: Mission Cliffs.
They have a beautiful climbing gym in SF too! Your protein bowl from Café Gratitude will settle as you fill out all 2,000 release forms and pass the belay test. Then climb for as long as you’d like. Afterwards, make sure to hop in the sauna (yep, they’ve got that too—BKB just an idea) and then shower off your filthy self because stop 3 is a bar.

Stop 3: Homestead.
So it’s probably just about 4pm by now, maybe too early for your normal happy hour but not so at Homestead. Catch a few rounds ($2 Tecate on tap all day/night) with the early crew of power-line workers from PG&E across the street while you munch on the $1 baskets of peanuts. The PG&E workers are loud as hell because they yell at themselves all day from power-lines and don’t really know when to stop, but it’s cool because a few Tecates later you’ll be yelling with them as you throw peanut shells on the ground. (That’s cool by the way. Just part of the fun.)

Stop 4: Shotwell’s.
Now your Tecate/peanut buzz is strong, but do you feel like a new scene? Stroll a few blocks over to our favorite bar in all of SF. Owners Dave and Tom will treat you right with their delightful variety of beers while you sit at their gorgeous old timey looking wooden bar. Make sure to talk to the bartenders and mention you know about the webcomic Shitty Kitty that we do. (And if you don’t know about it yet, know about it now.) That all started at Shotwell’s.

Stop 5: Little Baobob
After all that climbing plus boozing you’re probably feeling pretty loose by now. Head a few blocks to Little Baobob and bust some moves to hot West African beats. It’s a tiny space so if the SF fog is making you chilly, this will warm you up right quick.

Stop 6: Taqueria Cancun
Wow! How’d it become 1:30 am all a sudden? Well it did and you’re hungry and bars/restaurants are all closing up. Good thing you have a plan and know that the best burritos in SF are hardly a block away at Taqueria Cancun. Join the swaying masses and wait in line for your tasty long-delayed dinner.

Casey and Steven are the author and illustrator of To Timbuktu: Nine Countries, Two People, One True Story. When they’re not on the road, they’re here in BK, at Brooklyn Boulders bouldering or drinking beer. 

Keep up with everything else they do @TelephoneNsoup

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