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The News You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Major improvements are coming to Brooklyn Boulders Somerville, and you have yourselves to thank. Here’s what you can expect.

major improvements brooklyn boulders somerville project switzerland

Nearly three months ago, we asked for your feedback on all things Brooklyn Boulders Somerville in the most extensive survey we’ve ever created. This is what happened:

The result is a long term project we are calling Project Switzerland. Our entire team is focused on beautifying those areas of our facility you felt needed it most. Climbing areas, bathrooms, community areas, fitness areas, and more — our team is already at work to bring tangible improvements to each of these areas. More volumes, anyone?

Since then our team been tackling these concerns head-on. We enlisted a team of six member advocates to give us real-time, honest input and feedback while we planned. Our team has been taking no shortcuts, focused as always on delivering the best solutions possible. Every decision we’ve made has been guided by our collaborations with this amazing crew, and moved forward by consensus.

While you might have already noticed some tangible improvements in our space, the truth is that we are really just getting started. Here’s some of the near future goodness you can expect:


1. Climbing

Catch up on a whole bunch of routesetting improvements here. Plus, get ready for new floor seating with way more dedicated cubby storage areas.



2. Collaborative Workspace

Our Collaborative Workspace is moving and expanding. There will be a large, enclosed and quiet collaborative workspace upstairs in what is now our Fitness Room*.

An open area workspace will be built in the area currently occupied by our ellipticals and treadmills. This space will include soft seating and a standup work bar.


Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 1.45.37 PM

3. Fitness

All fitness equipment will be improved and consolidated atop our mezzanine. This includes our treadmills, bikes, ellipticals and entire fitness room. The mezzanine space will be expanding to accommodate the equipment with ease, with new high quality flooring in place. 

Our current Team Office* will be converted to a multi-use fitness space for group classes like yoga and Personal Training sessions.



4. Furniture

Get ready for a furniture overhaul. New furniture is soon on its way to the Community Events Space, Collaborative Workspace, Fireplace Lounge, Castle Room and youth areas as well.



5. Bathrooms and Locker Rooms

We are working towards increasing available lockers, seating in our locker rooms, and continuing to create a better bathroom experience, including creating a unisex bathroom for our guests.



6. Lobby

We’re working on reducing guest waiting time and increasing check-in efficiency. You deserve a fun and logistically painless experience at Brooklyn Boulders. Our team won’t settle for anything less.

– – –

These major improvements are on the way, and we owe it to our community for helping to make this happen. Thank you for being active, caring, and invested at Brooklyn Boulders.


Stay Up-to-Date On All Future Goodness

**In case you missed meeting our member advocate team, known as The Jedi Council, at our Member Appreciation Night, we’ll soon be introducing them on the blog. Stay tuned!
*Update June 13: The new collaborative workspace location has been moved to the current fitness room. The Team Office will become a new group fitness area.

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