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The Lazy Guide to Exercising

Turn up for what? We’ve got some leisurely, lazy exercises you can do to keep your body well-tuned.

If you’re like me, your idea of a bangin’ Friday night is a pint of ice cream and a bed full of pillows. Productivity is measured by how many screens are in front of me, and exercise becomes cleaning my room or “Swiffering the kitchen with my core”.

These lazy exercises allow for a lifestyle of leisure while keeping most of your limbs and joints well-oiled and working. Don’t forget to stretch!


1. Take yourself on a walk. 
Beautiful views, experiencing the fleneur lifestyle; get to enjoy the ambiance of everyone else’s hustle. Stretch the legs and go wherever your feet take you at whatever speed you desire.


2. Calf raises on the subway platform
Didn’t catch the J before the sluggish late night schedule hit? Do some calf raises while you’re waiting– stand on the balls of your feet, and move your heels vertically up and down. It’ll build up your calves, strengthen the ankles, and allow you to rinse and repeat activity #1.


3. Skip the escalators
Let’s face it: running up subway stairs is faster than ‘riding’ the escalator. Women with strollers, children, and anyone with crutches or a granny cart ride the escalator because they *can’t* get anywhere fast anyway.

Morning Gloryville

4. Ecstatic dancing
What’s a more fun and engaging way to burn calories? Conscious/sober dance parties are growing in popularity and some even feature holistic lifestyle vendors, foods on top of positive attitudes. Don’t dismiss these — Ecstatic Dance NYC, No Lights No Lycra, and Morning Gloryville are some sober parties that are growing in popularity and can really put the pop in your collar.


5. Biking> Subway
Save $3.00 that you could spend on three slices of 99 cent pizzas and make a journey of your destination. Biking through Brooklyn is surprisingly convenient and often comparable in speed. You’ll explore more of your neighborhood and Brooklyn will feel smaller than it does when you’re doing calf raises waiting for the late night J train.

Static climbing

6. Static Climbing

Lock those arms and get into sloth mode: static climbing takes the cake on lazy exercise as you hook your hands into the holds and rotate your body upwards. You might not be jumping off footholds, but your mind will meditate and hone your focus.  Need a tutorial? Swing by for a day climb and climbing assessment.


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