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The Future Is Keys Open Doors

What does The Future hold for you? Calling NYC artists – we’ve got some blank space on the BKBQB walls in your future. Meet resident artist Caleb Freese and find out a little bit more about the upcoming art community at Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge.

One of the first things visitors to BKB see is a thirteen foot hand drawn & silkscreened mural on birchwood, Brooklyn with Love:

caleb freese art

This recently installed piece is by Caleb Freese, artist and longtime BKB employee. He has created custom art installations for every BKB facility from New York to Chicago – and is currently working on a piece for the latest Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge.

We asked Caleb what the future holds for him, and what Keys Open Doors represents:

“I love obvious statements and to me, keys really do open doors. That’s my dry since of humor I guess. Keys Open Doors represents a creative jump- my approach to art is to dive in, less thinking and more creation. Life is too short to stress too much about output, what matters is your doing something. Creation is an action. BKB has provided a community of people to inspire and collaborate with- and it’s shaped me a lot as a person. It’s a creative environment that appreciates art and is passionate about life.”


Right now, we’re looking for talented artists & muralists to help fill the blank wall spaces at BKBQB. Get in touch here for more information, and don’t miss our membership presale!

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