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The Boys of BKBeastmode

We saw grit. We saw gumption. And we even saw a broken nose. But all this aside, it became evident the BKB community has grown to standards and expectations that shouldn’t, and can’t, be capped.

Photos by Joseph Lee Photography

After twelve highly physical and mentally exhausting events, BKB Somerville-based team Max Jackson and Andrew Hewitt were crowned the best team from all over the country in Somerville, MA on Friday, July 14, 2017.

With Beast Index* scores of 153.34 and 142.34 for Andrew and Max, respectively, it’s no question these dudes were fit and ready to dominate from the start. But the real feats of fitness were showcased when a come-from-behind victory secured the win. The bonus round married the beauty and grace of bouldering, with the sinewy muscles and brute physicality that only climbers seem to possess, and I was lucky enough to be able to pull Max and Andrew aside from their $2500 big-ass check to ask them a few questions.


BKB: First off, congratulations! How does it feel to win BKBeastmode?

Andrew: So great! It’s awesome!

BKB: What got you interested in Brooklyn Boulders’ BeastMode competition in the first place?

Andrew: This is my first year competing, and I was introduced to the BeastMode comp through BKB Somerville personal trainer, Alex Wisch. I started training with Alex a few months ago and he told me about the competition. He suggested I train for it, but I didn’t have a partner, so he introduced me to Max three weeks ago. He’s a cool dude and we hit it off pretty well!

BKB: Holy smokes! You guys only met three weeks ago?? It looked like you both have been training partners for years by how well you worked together. Clearly, judging by the last bonus round event you both have been climbing for longer than a few weeks. Is that pretty accurate?

Andrew: Ha yea! I’ve been climbing for about five and a half years. I started in Peru and traveled all over the world climbing.
Max: I started climbing at 12 years old in Zion, and had this awesome experience where I “lived off the land.” It was incredible, to say the least. And then I found Brooklyn Boulders a couple years ago and work/ climb here.

BKB: Alright, Max, I gotta ask. Talk around the facility, today, is you were hit by a car. Tell me about that and how that changed your game coming into BKBeastmode?

Max: Yea, Boston is pretty notorious for bike riders and questionable drivers. I was on my way into BKB to work my shift. As I was riding my bike a car swerved right in front of me, without any warning, and hit me. I literally hit the windshield with my face. So yea, I come in to BKB to work then start BKBeastmode with a broken nose. I should probably get this checked out.

–nervous but awe-inspired laughter bellows from me, at this point. Dude, literally, got hit by a car and then wins BKBeastmode!–

Max (L) + Andrew (R) dominating in the Bonus round of BKBeastmode.


BKB: Last question before I let you guys continue celebrating. How’d you like the events? And what was going through your mind when we announced the bonus round?

Andrew: I loved the quality of the unknown with the events. I really underestimated the pain of the second round–that weight pull was the hardest event, by far, and the water tank was a great mental test. Max and I were bummed when we were told we didn’t win the competition, but then once the bonus round was announced, we both looked at each other and said, “We got this.”

BKB: I love it. You guys took that last event and ran with it, for sure. Congrats again on winning BKBeastmode and enjoy your cash money as well as that sweet trip to Hueco Tanks!

Andrew: Thanks!
Max: Thanks a lot!


The events and especially the boys of BKBeastmode, did not disappoint. Now, the next BKBeastmode is already upon us!

RSVP here to ready yourself for qualifiers on October 28.


See you on the walls, you filthy Beasts!


*The Beast Index is a measurement Brooklyn Boulders uses to evaluate your holistic fitness level, understand your physical potential, and prescribe a training regimen tailored just for you. Anyone who wants to reach a fitness or personal performance goal – whether to be a better climber, prevent injury, or increase strength and flexibility is welcome to sign up for a complimentary evaluation by contacting your local facility, or signing up online.


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