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The Art of Pull-ups & Piseth, Personal Trainer at BKB Somerville

“P”, aka Piseth, is one multi-talented personal trainer at BKB Somerville. We train with her, learn the art of four different pull-ups, and experience the most incredible hip release, ever.

Piseth Sam is somewhat legendary at BKB Somerville – I feel lucky to have gotten to work with her, because as Whitney Meza, Head Personal Trainer at BKBS stated – “everyone wants to work with P”.

To continue my journey to a one-armed pull-up, Piseth recommended that I vary the types of pull-ups that I do, to work out different parts of my shoulders to build a solid structure for foundational strength, which significantly lowers risk of injury. She recommended that I do 4-7 reps of two or three different types each workout.

Four Different Types of Pull-Ups To Mix Up Your Routine

1.Wide overhand grip  (this best works your lats)

Wide overhand grip pull-up.
Wide overhand grip pull-up.

2. Close grip (works smaller areas of the shoulder & stabilization)

Close grip pull-up.
Close grip pull-up.

3. Underhand grip

piseth Underhand grip

4. Chin up grip

Chin up grip pull-up.
Chin up grip pull-up.

Many of P’s clients are victims of the 21st century workforce – they’re sitting down all day at computers. Even sitting for twenty minutes consecutively will have a negative impact, and perhaps make your body tighter.

Piseth demonstrates poor sitting posture & proper sitting posture.
Piseth demonstrates proper sitting posture (left) and poor sitting posture (right).

The body is just a system of pulleys – if one side is too tight, then the other one has to work harder

Her base recommendation to counter sitting all day? Dead lifts. They strengthen the superficial back line, hamstrings and and glutes. Piseth also has a background in massage therapy & bodywork, so when I complained about some lower back pain, she stepped on my back and pushed on some pressure points.

The magic of a hip release.
The magic of a hip release.

After she worked her magic, I just stared at her, baffled by how relaxed my lower back felt after just 5 minutes. What was that? I asked, bewildered.

Piseth answered nonchalantly, “a hip release. I pinned your tensor fascia latae and mobilized your leg with external rotation,” I walked away from the session in awe and with a newfound respect for how knowledgable personal trainers are of the human body.

Stay tuned for more!

Piseth Sam is a Certified Personal Trainer at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville. Sign up for a complimentary personal training consult with Piseth here.

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