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zack feldman

Startup Rock Climbing: Education in Code

A Startup Rock Climbing event is happening again at BKB, on Tuesday, September 30th at 7pm!


We’ve said it before – but every entrepreneur should rock climb. This month’s panel is Education in Code. After climbing¬†with start-up enthusiasts, there will be a panel featuring Thinkful CEO Darrell Silver and Zach Feldman, co-founder of the New York Code + Design Academy.

Coders and climbers got 99 problems but a place to meet together ain’t one:

zach feldman nycda “Climbing and coding are intimately related. For both disciplines, you have to try many different solutions before finding the right one. In climbing, you have to find the correct sequence of hand and footholds to get to the top of the wall. in programming, we call this an algorithm, a discrete set of instructions given to solve a specific problem. The two are also related in that you can’t have tired fingers to attempt either of them!”

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