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A BKB Thanksgiving Special: Zombies Can Climb

Remember when Petzl released their Zombie Escape Solutions document? Being a rock climber puts you at an advantage for the impending apocalypse, since traditionally zombies can’t climb:

“Due to limited mobility and mental capacity, zombies have trouble navigating vertical and high-angle terrain. To move safely in a zombie-infested world, it’s valuable to think in three dimensions”.

However, at Brooklyn Boulders…

Brooklyn Boulders – Zombies CAN Climb from Michael Simonetti on Vimeo.

Happy Thanksgiving, BKB!


Special thank you to: Michael Simonetti, Chris Schiro, Garrett Koeppicus, Robert Henry, Jason Coyne and Ashton Horton.

*Produced by BKB member Michael Simonetti, founder of Wigwam Creative, a production company that works with athletes and adventure-based companies. His passion for the outdoor lifestyle puts him right in the grind with those who are looking to document their odysseys using cutting-edge technology.

Follow ’em at @wigwam_creative @mikesimo3 @cschir2.


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