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Help Fund a BKBF Trip to the Gunks!

During the 2014-2015 school year, City Rocks, a mentoring program within the Brooklyn Boulders Foundation, successfully paired over 50 inner-city youth with mentors from the Brooklyn Boulders community.

Throughout the school year, mentorship pairs have met three times a week to learn the sport of rock climbing. BKBF works closely with two schools from Brooklyn and the Bronx. Our mentors are all passionate about rock climbing and are all dedicated to impacting youth through physical movement and guidance.

As the school year approaches the end, Brooklyn Boulders Foundation is raising money to get all City Rocks mentor pairs to the Gunks to rock climb together for a full day! Click to donate here. 

Support The City Rocks Youth Gunks Climbing Trip!

If you’re a climber, you’re likely already aware of the mental & physical benefits of the sport. It can relieve stress, provide focus, develop self-confidence and more, but not every one can easily find their way to the walls. The Brooklyn Boulders Foundation is in it’s 3rd year of the City Rocks Youth Mentoring program, which helps mentor high school kids from underserved communities through the sport of climbing.

A Poem About the Gunks by 12-Year Old BKBeasts Member

Hayden is a 12 year old and an original BKBeasts team member. He wrote an inspiring poem after a trip to the Gunks – and realized what most adults tend to forget in their stresses over everyday life: the earth is beautiful, and worth savoring.


His personal intro: Hey, I’m Hayden and I love nature.

“Where We Went Wrong”

photo 4

Once, I took a rock climbing trip to the Gunks.

I had fun, jumping on rocks, seeing a snake.

But the highlight of that trip was when I went to the top of the wall and looked out.

The sight took my breath away.


Hills and valleys of blossoming trees, towering pines,

and a red-stained sky, tainting the trees orange.

I stayed speechless up there for the longest of time,

and realized that for many hundreds of years, the world was like this.


That was when I realized,

humans aren’t the most intelligent animals.

They are the least.

To destroy all these beautiful grassy mountains to put in a new town.


So I will now ask you to help.

To turn that power line to a tree.

To turn that power plant into a plant.

Turn those smoke clouds to rain clouds, and give the Earth back what we took.

– Hayden Mosher-Smith, 2014


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