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In celebration of this Veterans Day, Brooklyn Boulders is honoring our vets with free climbing + gear in each of our facilities.

Veterans Day is particularly important to us as several of our BKB team members are vets. In Chicago, BKBChicago is partnering with Tactivate, a program designed to bring Special Ops vets into start-ups, and Defense Entrepreneurs Forum (DEF), a launching pad for the military community to discuss innovation:

We aim to help successfully integrate vets back into society, and to help them excel, as well:

If you’re a veteran, come join our climbing community on us, all day tomorrow. #VetsatBKB

Veteran Impact Potential

By: Jesse Levin, Brooklyn Boulders

There are few greater assets with more positive economic impact potential than today’s military veterans. Veterans possess tremendous skills that are relevant to the private sector. However, the majority do not have the experience and/or context to understand how valuable their military service has made them in the private sector. Similarly, a minority of the civilian run private sector organizations know how to fully leverage and incorporate veterans into their businesses – while clear exceptions exist. Working with Tactivate, an initiative specializing in connecting the military and business communities for mutual benefit, Brooklyn Boulders constantly works to aggressively hire and incorporate veterans into the business model in ways that truly leverage the unique experiences and perspectives gained in service. Brooklyn Boulders Chicago is no exception.

Both Brooklyn Boulders facilities in New York City and Boston are run by prior military service members as General Managers. Brooklyn Boulders Chicago already has its first veteran hire, Victor Enriquez and many more are expected.

On October 25th, 2014, Brooklyn Boulders Chicago will be hosting the Defense Entrepreneurship Forum (DEF). DEF is a consortium of DoD and civilians that are pushing the limits in their respective fields and work to explore and share best practices as they may apply to fostering innovation in their communities. What lessons can be learned in the realm of entrepreneurship that are applicable both within the DoD community and the business world? These are the kind of questions top military and business minds will be exploring over the three-day event hosted at the University of Chicago.

The consortium will be wrapping up their event at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago for a night of climbing and libations. Some distinguished military and entrepreneurial individuals will be at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago on the 25th starting at 6:00 pm. We encourage the community to both attend the DEF weekend long event and join us at Brooklyn Boulders to meet some of these outstanding individuals.

DEF has granted the Brooklyn Boulders Chicago a generous discount code of 40% off the event tickets. The 40% off promotion code is BKBChicago and the site to purchase is:

Some of the Emerging Leader Speakers include:

LCDR BJ Armstrong – Mahan expert and author
Kim Jung (Army Vet, current HBS student with a startup selling Afghan Safron)
LT Brian Ferguson, SEAL officer and former OSD employee
William Tresseder (former enlisted Marine) and Anne Gibbon (current USNR LT) of BMNT Partners
Kelsey Atherton (editor of Grand Blog Tarkin and PopSci Writer)
John Amble (Editor at War on the Rocks)
Maj. Karen Courington, USAFR and Mil Assistant to Sen. Tim Kaine

Senior Military Leader involvement includes:

Asst. Deputy Secretary of Defense John Johns
Asst. Secretary of the Navy Juan Garcia
ADM Bill Gortney, USFFC, Prospective NORTHCOM Commander
Mr. Chris Zember, Dep Director of DoD Info Analysis Centers
Brig Gen Michel, USAF, Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan
LTG Robert Brown, USA, Commanding General, US Army Combined Arms Center & Fort Leavenworth, KS
RADM Greg Nosal, USN, Deputy Director, Joint Force Coordinator
CAPT Dan Moore, USN (Ret.)
John Robb of Global Guerillas
Lt Col Dan Ward, USAF, prolific blogger and author of FIRE: How Fast, Inexpensive, Restrained, and Elegant Methods Ignite Innovation
Col Pete Newell, Army (Ret.), REF, and founder BMNT Partners in Silicon Valley

We are also fortunate to have professors and industry leaders that include:

Mr. Jay Vijayan – CIO, Tesla Motors
Mr. Fred Rainbow – U.S. Naval Institute
Prof. Waverly Deutsch – Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, UofC Booth School of Business
Prof. Craig Wortmann – Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship, UofC Booth School of Business
Prof. Bob Rosenberg – Adjunct Assoc Professor of Entrepreneurship, UofC Booth School of Business
Jay Harrison, Center for Smart Defense
Todd Connor – Founder & CEO, The Bunker
Jesse Levin – Founder & CEO, Tactivate, Co-Founder Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

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