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Meet Peter Juhl of Urban Plastix & Win a Hangboard!

Brooklyn Boulders is home to some pretty unique holds – baby heads, brick crimps, moon craters, and more. Many of these holds are produced by Urban Plastix, a climber-owned holds company. The climber in question hails from Rockland Country, is a mountain biker & snowboarder, and also happens to be a long-time Brooklyn Boulders member (and former setter).
 pete juhl urban plastix
Meet Peter Juhl.
How did Urban Plastix begin?
I’d been shaping and molding holds as kind of a hobby/serious idea for a couple years prior. When the opportunity presented itself to start from scratch and to produce at Aragon – one of the world leaders in climbing hold production – the idea of Urban Plastix came along pretty quickly. Urban Plastix began out of a desire to bring a different style to indoor climbing, unique to Brooklyn. Brooklyn made it happen – I’m inspired by the art, culture and everything else this city has to offer.
What’s unique about Urban Plastix as a holds company? 
Most holds companies have a bunch of shapers, but with Urban Plastix we offer a cohesive design. All of our holds fall into an overarching idea for what Urban Plastix is – old-school Gotham style holds that are smooth and bold. I am very big on comfort in indoor climbing.  I concentrate on hand positions while maintaining smooth surfaces where the finger grabs the hold.  Also a big thing of mine is the foam – I use the best foam I can get, and it yields the best texture for long term training.
What draws you to Brooklyn Boulders? 
BKB is a great place.  When I started climbing there it was still relatively new to New York City, so there weren’t as many people. But Brooklyn Boulders is permeated with so many strong, motivated people, that it makes training really easy. The mental aspects of climbing have always been the hardest for me, but being surrounded by so many climbers is great.
What is your climbing philosophy?
I climb to move. Climbing for me is one of those things that is never easy, and I was drawn to the challenge. Bouldering has kind of been a mental fight for me, and while it’s exhausting it keeps me interested.  Sometimes I hate climbing, but I hate feeling weak more than anything.  I was never one for working out in a regular gym and climbing was the only thing that made me want to work out.  And with climbing, if you’re not doing it you’re getting weaker. I climb to push myself, mentally and physically.
Do you ever blame the holds if you fall?
Nope. I always say if I can’t do something, I am just too weak. When you see really strong people like Ty Landman and Ashima all the time, it is hard to blame holds.  And you can always work harder to get stronger.
Get stronger with this Brass Knuckles hangboard, by Urban Plastix:
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