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Sunrise Primal – Unleash Your Super Powers

Looking for a way to get fit, other than picking things up and putting them down? Then this is for you.

Sunrise Primal is a weekly class designed to improve your general fitness, supplement your exercise regimen, and harness the super powers within you. Yeah, you read it right.  Super powers!

At the core of Primal is the body-weight and intensive mobility movement training employed by parkour, MovNat, martial arts, climbing, acrobatics, gymnastics, and other disciplines.

If you are a climber, this class is definitely for you.  We integrate strength, conditioning exercises, and movement patterns that benefit climbing.  Be prepared to get a great workout for shoulders, arms, and core — oh, there will be core!

The best part? We dropped the price! $10 for BKB Members, $15 for non-members. BOOM. That’s basically the price of a big burrito and a coffee/tea. Book your next class here.

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