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The Future is Sublime Climbing

You’ve maybe tested a Sublime Climbing brush at BKB. You’ve spotted BKB climber Ransom Allison once or twice. You’ve seen him on our blog – and now, his Kickstarter for the best climbing brushes around yet is live.

Sublime Climbing brushes just launched on Kickstarter! We’re proud to say that BKB climber Ransom Allison extensively tested his prototypes here at Brooklyn Boulders – and it’s just another example of a member creating an idea (see Rocketbook at Brooklyn Boulders Somerville) and moving it to reality, thanks to our active co-working spaces.

Back Ransom’s Kickstarter to get your own dope Sublime Climbing brush (we’ve tested ’em – they’re awesome), and don’t miss out on our Brooklyn Boulders Queensbridge membership presale while it’s still hot. Climbing, co-working spaces, saunas, lockers, yoga and more… what will you dream up at the newest BKB?

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