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Staying Cool in a Heat Wave

Lots of city folk try to beat the heat by heading to the local beaches or trekking up to Walden Pond, but we have a few city friendly solutions than will keep you living local.

Photo by Paul Ledoux

The sun has finally set on the longest day of the year and now we are officially in summer! Temps are sliding up and with it lots of that infamous Boston humidity. It’s hard to keep your cool when the sun bakes the pavement hot enough to fry an egg. Lucky we have plenty of ways to beat the heat right in our neighborhood.


1. Dine Alfresco


It sure took Boston long enough, but new patio seating seems to be cropping up everywhere. Nothing like sitting back and watching the sun set with a cool evening breeze and a cold one after a good long climb. Some of our close to BKB favorites are Brass Union, Bronwyn, Bull McCabes, Loyal Nine, and The Independent.


2. Have a Water Fight

water gun fight brooklyn boulders somerville

Who said water fights were just for kids? We hosted a super fun water fight party last Friday with squirt gun duels and a kiddie pool full of 500 water balloons. Needless to say there was a lot of laughter and we’ve never seen a happier gang of completely drenched people! We’ll be doing more of these before the end of summer so keep an eye out on our events page.


 3. When All Else Fails, Hit the AC

Sometimes it gets so hot that even the beach is an inferno. Instead of scalding your feet on hot sand or burning in the hot sun on a cliff somewhere, take advantage of one of best wonders of modern invention: Air Conditioning. Plan a day of “cool-venture!” Go climbing in the morning under our recently installed Big Ass Fans. Those things combined with our AC are like a blast from the arctic. Hit up a matinee at the new ice cold Assembly Row theatre and then cool down with a cone at Gracie’s Ice Cream followed by a refreshing brewery tour and tasting at Bantam or Aeronaut.


4. One More Tip

heat wave summer promotion brooklyn boulders somerville

Our Heat Wave Summer promo will keep you climbing in coolness for the season, but don’t forget to check it out before Friday 6/26. Just like Summer, it’s only here for a limited time!

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