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St. Patrick’s Day at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago

Here at Brooklyn Boulders Chicago, we’re major advocates of climbing for everyone. That’s why we were thrilled to meet two leprechauns (a father and son, of course) who spent their day at our facility. Whether they were maximizing their gold profits in our Active Collaborative Workspace, squating pots of gold in the fitness area or top roping up our 50-foot walls, they proved a day at BKB is never boring!

And we’re getting in the festive spirit, too! Wear all-green tomorrow (March 17) and ONLY pay $17 for a day pass with gear included. Call it the luck of the Irish!




Making waves in the Active Collaborative Workspace, the older, wiser Father Leprechaun tries to teach his young son the ways of their people, which includes maximum growth potential.




After a long morning of training the mind, the two take a break to utilize the fitness area, just a few feet away from the ACW. Pots of gold? No problem for father and son!


Kurtis, our routesetting manager, was hard at work with his team when our Father Leprechaun stopped by for a chat. Was it a lecture or a friendly conversation between the two? Kurtis’ eyes tell the real story.



And off they go for a climb. A perfect end to a long day. On March 17th, you can join the action, too!


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