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Slackline Series 2011

Slackline Series 2011 is over.We’ll keep you posted on the next installment of the Slackline Series! 

The Slackline Series is a unique practice that redefines your sense of balance and mental focus. Great for climbers and athletes of all forms, the YogaSlackers bring their unique practice of slackasana to climbing gyms and yoga studios alike to help students to develop new techniques of complete body awareness and strength as well as concentration. This practice not only improves your climbing but your overall sense of balance and concentration. Slacklining is by far some of the most fun you will have trying to stand on climbing webbing and a great way to train for climbing as well as helping to improve your balance for activities such as yoga, acrobatics, surfing, snowboarding, skiing and running. In this workshop, students will develop new skills for balance through partner training drills, core conditioning and learning how to kneel, sit, stand and even go upside down on the line. More advanced students will be given variations to work on turning, transitioning through poses and jumping on the line.

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