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shoe sale

We’re having a massive shoe sale right now, at our Pro Shop in Brooklyn Boulders!

Score La Sportiva, Five Ten, Scarpa, and Evolv climbing shoes at our Pro Shop starting at $30.

Here’s the full price list:

Evolv Shaman $40.00
Evolv Shaman LV $40.00
Five Ten Blackwing $40.00
Five Ten Stonelands VCS $30.00
Five Ten Team VXI (Green) $40.00
La Sportiva Jeckyl VS $30.00
La Sportiva Solution $50.00
Scarpa Boostic $50.00
Scarpa Force X $30.00
Scarpa Force X WMN $30.00
Scarpa Instinct S $40.00
Scarpa Instinct VS $50.00
Scarpa Stix $50.00
Scarpa Vapor V (XS Edge) $40.00
Scarpa Vapor V WMN (XS Edge) $40.00

Just ask any staff member at the front desk to show you a pair when you’re next in.

Note: limited sizes available.

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