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Sessions with Luke: Warm Up!

Climbing is inherently dangerous. But there are several things that you can do to minimize & manage risk. Head of Instruction at BKB, Luke Livesey, gives us the low-down in this special 4-part series, Sessions with Luke.

Take a Sessions class with Luke and make the most out of your climb time at BKB.

Session One: Warming Up

Too many climbers don’t warm up sufficiently, and jumping on your project too soon into your  session not only increases your chances of injury, but also decreases your chances of success. A good warm up should consist of some light cardio and stretching before moving on to the sport specific section of your warm up; start off with five V0’s and then gradually work your way up to your on-site grade.

By climbing below your maximum ability, you can upgrade your technique by practicing climbing perfectly! Gracefully shift your center of gravity. Place each foot perfectly. Toe down. Pivot. Be hyper-aware of these body movements so that they become second nature when you really need them. Also, there’s no better time to work on your open hand strength than while you’re warming up…you don’t crimp while you warm up, do you? Ouch!

Watch those crimps.
Watch those crimps.


We also just added a new training class, Sessions to our class schedules – 30 minutes of intensive coaching to up your climbing game! Book one now and start climbing stronger today.


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