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Session Two: How to Fall

Climbing is inherently dangerous. But there are several things that you can do to minimize & manage risk. Head of Instruction at BKB, Luke Livesey, gives us the low-down in this special 4-part series, Sessions with Luke. Welcome to Session II: How to Fall.

When you first start bouldering it’s easy to see falling as something that happens when climbing goes wrong. Big mistake.

Falling is not only part of the same skillset as bouldering but it’s also a product of pushing your limits and trying hard moves! It’s important to master the art of falling and becoming comfortable with taking controlled falls can help to prepare you for when the inevitable and unexpected happens!

Luke demonstrates how to fall - don't try and stick the landing!
Luke demonstrates how to fall – don’t try and stick the landing!

Here are a few pointers on how to fall:

  • Fall feet first while looking at your landing zone. Identify a target on the padding.
  • Bend your knees on impact.
  • Don’t spin or twist while falling. Keep facing the wall.
  • Don’t fight to stick your landing like a gymnast might, commit to your fall.
  • Absorb or distribute the impact of a fall over as much of your body as possible (Roll).
  • Absorb or distribute the impact of a fall over as much time as possible.
  • Don’t tense up. Injury can be prevented by remaining as elastic as possible. It’s the same reason people who are inebriated often walk away from physical trauma unharmed. Their body is relaxed.
  • Become comfortable by practicing controlled falls.

*We aren’t suggesting that following these guidelines will completely prevent you from becoming injured in a fall, as climbing is inherently dangerous and risk is always present. However, following these guidelines will help you to reduce your potential for becoming injured. Please climb and fall carefully.

If you have questions about how to fall from a bouldering wall, please ask one of our staff members to give you the low-down during your next visit to BKB.

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